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  • Orthodontists Market to Adults
    The New York Times article titled Orthodontists Market to Adults Seeking Prettier Smiles
    2-2-2012   read more>

  • Healthcare Identification Law!
    All dentists are required to have photo ID badges or present patients with printed material about your name and occupation in certain wording. See legislative updates for more details.
    12-01-2012   read more>

  • Background Checks Required
    Anyone being hired who has direct patient contact must have a background check
    10-01-2010   read more>


MyLifeMySmile Message

Above is a marketing campaign produced by AAO. For more information, see AAO MyLifeMySmile campaign (you need to be logged on to AAO website to view).

SAO Leadership Program

We have had some of our own graduate the leadership program

Dr. Frederick Burr
Dr. Jefferey Ebberting
Dr. Mary Beth Hearns
Dr. Shawn Lehman-Grimes

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